Monday, July 07, 2008

[Picture] Whalemeat sold at the groccerystore in Iceland

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thats how it is, in your favorite "wanna-be-suitable-and-ecofriendly-1-world-country"Iceland:

Whalemeat (Minke Whale) sold in the groccery-store in Husavik, North Iceland. While on the other side of the street thousends of tourists go whale watching and the husavik whale museum tries to educate people on ocean mammals, esp. on whales, the store sells your friendly Minke in a box.

And as u can see, the wooden box of meat is getting empty ... left to the meat some reciptes so that people know how to pepare it, wonder why they try to avoid the word and the picture of a "whale" ("hvalur" in icelandic)?