Friday, June 27, 2008

IWC Report from Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd conservation Society)

An interesseting, no-scientific, but personal view on things happen in Santiago de Chile by Cpt Paul Watson on the meeting of the International Whaling Commisson.

"It’s like a living dead gathering,” said Dave Rastovich of Surfers for Cetaceans commenting on the boring monotonous ramblings of Japanese bought and paid for puppet nations.

Skye Bortoli of Teens Against Whaling described the meeting this year as “pathetic, saying “this body will be known in the future as a small group of ecologically arrogant people who are condemning the world’s whales to agony and oblivion for petty politics and a few lousy bucks.”

Hannah Fraser a professional mermaid from Australia described the meeting as having to endure, “disappointingly banal rhetoric.”

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