Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Old stuff: Cultural night via Mobile

While i was getting more drunken i took a picture everytime i changed the location. but i couldnt keep up, so i forgot after 3 o clock to make photos, anyway just for the record ...

in the morning, waking up ... one strange german guy in the dorm, smoker i guess

Q-bar, the gaybar in town, as usual, great people and of course the prettiest girls, after that no idea what happend (i guess a few more beers? cafe cultura, irish pub, kaffibarin ...?)

Kaffibarinn Outside the door RAVE, crazy, trendy, arty, crowd

strange installation in on of the fashion bouthiques in twon on laugavegur, dunno, some wiered tekkno music running

another arty exibithion, strange, cant remmber ...

GREAT GREAT Backyard party! Amazing band called "sometime" (indipop/electro with a beautiful voice") played live. really good start into culture night ...

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